Kia ora and Welcome to Tuumeke designs.  My name is Susan and I want to share with you what I have been up to lately:-)

Featuring my own Crafts.  Jewellery, Maori design Beads, Polystyrene Carved Frames, hand painted bottles.... and whatever else my mind comes up with lol.... most pieces added to this site has been sold:-)

I have been making and selling for 4 years and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of wire wrapping which is taking up most of my time at the moment. I am currently selling on TradeMe, Zillion and Faceoff, all are New Zealand auction sites... also stores and market holders are also selling my crafts nationwide.  I hope to move my Jewellery and crafts into a wider market and will gladly talk to any interested parties wanting to sell or buy my products:-)

Cameo is my absolute favourite piece to work with, and wire wrapping them is a challenge, but do go and check out whats been created so far in my Jewellery section:-)

I am a happily married to Albie and we have between us 7 children though only 2 live with us.  We are currently residing in Hamilton New Zealand.When Im not chasing the kids around, Im a nurse aide part time at the Waikato Hospital, and the rest of the time is spent dreaming up and creating what I hope is 'The' masterpiece lol.

 Photo taken in 2001 of the Family Start pole I painted.  Family Start is an organisation that provides care and education for young parents and their children. The pole represents the female and Male elements and birth of new life.  It stands just under 10 feet and I painted it hanging off the end of a ladder lol.
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