Wire-Wrapped Mexican Dawn pendant $25.00 (Sold)
 Adventurine 2 in 1 Earring set $25.00 (Sold)

Triple Koru Hoops $15.00 (Sold)

 A selection of earrings designed by me.  Black cascade swirl, bone koru droplets with raw emeralds, and 2 in 1 hoops... centres can be removed and worn seperately.
 Purple Bouquet Bracelet $18.00 (Sold)
 Maori Charm bracelet with bead woven chain. $35.00 (Sold)
 Adventurine wire-worked earrings
 Wire worked earrings $8.00
 Gypsy wire-work set $20.00 (Sold)
 Greenstone Chipsand Adventurine $18.00 (Sold)
 Adventurine Nugget $15,00
 Adventurine Nugget $15.00
 Wire Wrapped Teardrop $20.00
 Amber Cascade $10.00 (Sold)
 Celtic Cascade $10.00
 Wired Droplets $8.00 (Sold)
Raw NZ Greenstone in its Natural shape.  Has been lightly buffed and wire-worked.  With Paua Heart. $75.00 (Sold)
 Other side.

NZ Greenstone wrapped - $45.00 (sold) 

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