I am a huge fan of Preston Reuther.  He is one of the worlds Master Wire-Work artists and I highly recommend looking him up.  His work has hugely inspired my own.... and given me a love for Cameo Wire-Work Art:-)
 The 3 Graces $75.00.  (Sold)
 Best friends $75.00 (Sold)
 2 Sisters $75.00 (Sold)
 Back-To-Back Cameo.  Design is repeated both sides $55.00
 Emerald Princess - Featuring real raw Emeralds $45.00 (Sold)
 Emerald Princess - Featuring Real raw emeralds $45.00 (Sold)
 Mother and Child $75.00 (Sold)
 2 Sisters $75.00 (Sold)
 Cameo Set $60.00 (Sold)
 3 Graces $75.00 (Sold)

Out on the Town Necklace, with beaded chain - $80.00 (Sold)

 Crystal Cameo $35.00
 Crystal Cameo $45.00
 My 2nd Attempt
 My 1st Attempt
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